Tekken 7 (75% discount)


Tekken 7 is on steam with a total 75% off costing you a whopping 9.99


“Discover the epic ending of the long clan warfare between members of the Mishima family. The legendary fighting game series fights back with the power of Unreal Engine 4 and stunning story-driven cinematic combat and intense duels to enjoy with friends and rivals alike.”


Try it now and start in season 7 with:

Kunimitsu returns to #TEKKEN as a new playable character along with a new stage, the Vermilion Gates. This latest update will also feature enhancements in game balancing, new moves, revamped user interface, rank system renewal – including a new rank of TEKKEN God Omega, TEKKEN Prowess performance tracking, online gameplay improvements, and a fun PAC-MAN 40TH anniversary collaboration which features a PAC-MAN stage (playable for a limited time) and numerous PAC-MAN themed customization items.