Resident Evil Village release date leaked (so is Monster Hunter Rise)


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In a cyber attack on Capcom’s servers, cyber criminals presumably got the release date of Resident Evil Village. In addition, they also received information about some unannounced games. The cyber attack took place on November 2.

According to the data, Resident Evil Village will be released in late April 2021. Moreover, the game is not only coming to the PC and next-gen consoles, but also to the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. A demo would also be released in the run-up to the release and the game will get a Battle Royale mode called Dominion.

In addition, the previously announced Monster Hunter Rise was also set to come to PC in October 2021, and the Switch version will probably get several test phases in January and March. Furthermore, Monster Hunter Stories 2 would be coming to both Switch and PC in June. In addition to an offline single player, the game also has an online cooperative multiplayer and PvP mode, according to rumors.

Finally, the leak mentions some unannounced games currently known as Project Guillotine, Project Reiwa and Project Shield. Project Shield is presumably a multiplayer shooter, but has no concrete release date yet. Exactly what Project Guillotine and Project Reiwa are is unclear.

However, we recommend that you take everything with a grain of salt for the time being. It may well be that the information is correct, but that the details are now outdated.