A hack at the Japanese game company Capcom has left the information of at least tens of thousands of customers on the street

Capcom: Up to 350,000 people could be affected by ransomware leak | Ars  Technica


It concerns information from personnel and customers in Japan and North America. It is unclear how many people were affected by the data breach, but it would be 350,000 different data.


Capcom was hit by a cyber attack last week in which 1 terabyte of information was stolen.

The company has now mapped out what privacy-sensitive information is on the street.


In Japan, the names, addresses, phone numbers, and email addresses of anyone who has contacted customer service have been leaked.

For the Americans, this is data from an online store and the company’s e-sports site.


In addition, tens of thousands of shareholder data, including names, email addresses and gender information, were reportedly leaked.

Sensitive company information also on the street

There is also said to be a lot of privacy-sensitive data on former employees and their family members, including reports from the HR department and internal documents.


Capcom ensures that credit card information or other financial data is not exposed, because payments are processed by an external party.

The Japanese company became known in the 1980s and 1990s with games such as Street Fighter, Mega Man and Resident Evil. The online game Monster Hunter: World is the biggest title released by the company.